People consign for various reasons. Some people are downsizing or moving while others have inherited possessions from a loved one. People shop at consignment stores for various reasons. They may be changing their decorating style or colours. They may need larger or smaller furniture. They may be looking for a specific piece by a specific manufacturer. Whatever the reason for consigning or shopping, the friendly and helpful staff at The Millionaire’s Daughter can be of assistance and pickup and delivery can be arranged with our movers who will quote their fee.

10 things you need to know about consignment:

1. At The Millionaire’s Daughter we sell your fine furnishings on consignment. You receive 50% of the sale price.

2. All items must be reviewed and approved for sale. Send us an email, bring in photos or we will come to you. Only when items are accepted will we accept delivery. All delivery is by appointment only.

3.The Millionaires Daughter SUGGESTS that you allow us to price your items using what we have sold similar in the past. This will ensure quickly on the floor, quick sale and a quick return financially to YOU! If you have certain requests for what you want, this must be attached at time of delivery.

4. The Millionaire’s Daughter has been offering a pick-up service for 8 years of business and we believe that we can offer the best prices for pickup and delivery. We only use one pick up team per store. Our teams are sub-contracted, insured and work respectfully with all consignors. We believe the pickup quotes are reasonable and this service will ensure your items are picked up with care and delivered and placed on the floor professionally.

5. We are the largest furniture consignment chain in Canada, we have three locations to serve you best, HamiltonOakville and Aurora, ON. We may transfer items from one location to another to help ensure a sale; we take responsibility that if the item does not sell it will be returned to the location that was originally delivered too. Cheques must be picked up at location of items originally delivered too.

6. After 60 days item sale prices are reduced by 15% and subsequently by 10% every 30 days for a period of up to 180 days (approximately 5 months). At the end of the sale period any unsold items must be removed from the showroom within 7 days.

7. Consigned items remain your property until sold. If you wish to reclaim any unsold items before the sale period ends, you will be charged a holdback fee of 10% of the initial price.

8.  All items sold in our stores must be clean and in prime condition; i.e. dirt, dust, and smoke free, not in need of any repair, and in good working order.

9. Cheques are always ready to pick up on the 15th of the month, for any items sold the month prior. If you request cheques to be mailed we ask that you supply the addressed envelopes.

10. We love what we do and take pride in our stores! We honor and appreciate your décor items and furniture. If you are looking for that “signature” piece to finish a room, a dresser or sideboard to paint for a new baby’s room, a seasonal piece, china or glassware for your everyday table or a special occasion, you can find it at The Millionaire’s Daughter. Come share your “story” with us!

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