A Letter from Maureen

With great expectations I look forward to a joyous new year!

Last year was marred with losing some of our staff. At our Aurora store, Anne Marie and Lisa decided to move on and wished them the best! Thankfully we have kept in touch, Ann Marie happy up North in Muskoka. And we are happy to say, Lisa Palmer is BACK and we look forward to having her enthusiasm back as well.

At our Kitchener store Kari moved on, to working on her own business. We wished her the very best and will continue to work with Kari+Co. We also experienced difficulties in our Kitchener store with terrible windstorms, the closing of Victoria Street bridge for a full year and no water for a week! Trying times for our Kitchener store and staff, but we are back in full force!

We are a great team of strong women that band together to make The Millionaire’s Daughter a store for everyone to enjoy and spend time in. All of the staff constantly surpasses our goals and ambitions. I couldn’t be prouder of The Millionaire’s Daughter staff!

Saying that we always have to try harder and think outside of the box to keep our business moving ahead! We constantly are looking ahead on what our customers are wanting and how we can improve our service for you! We will be loading up our website with even more exciting items, a new category with items under $50.00, we will do our best to post interesting and fun items for you to see.

Our business is based on working with two sets of clients, our consignors and customers. Our consignors are looking for someone to take home something that they have previously loved. We work hard to ensure that each one of their items are treated with respect. Our customers are smart and savvy, the hunt of finding a gem something that they know is of high quality and will fit perfectly into their home. They know they can trust us bringing in the best quality and ensuring the price will fit in their pocket-book.

Another strong year ahead, there are ups and downs but it has been a huge accomplishment to reach our 10th year in business! Follow us and find out how we plan to celebrate our 10th anniversary with all of you!

Happy 2019!
Maureen Barnes

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