Got a case of the winter blahs? Want a winter vacation but don’t have the extra cash?

We can help! All that furniture you’re not using that’s collecting dust in your basement or storage unit, The Millionaire’s Daughter can turn that into money. Bippity-boppity-boo and voilà a pumpkin turned into a carriage! Consign your fabulous decor and one-of-a-kind furniture at one of our three locations, grab the cash and treat yourself to tropical getaway.

In the meantime we are sharing a few simple home decorating projects that can help you beat the winter blahs!

Warm up your space with a cozy carpet.
I don’t know about you guys but my feet are freezing in the winter and sometimes fuzzy socks and slippers aren’t enough! Nothing warms up a space more than a beautiful thick wool carpet, well either that or cranking the thermostat to high! Carpet is a natural insulator‚ not only providing additional warmth in cold season but can also add interest to a room with colour and pattern. Did you know that all the carpets & floor coverings in our showrooms are all for sale at The Millionaire’s Daughter shop online HERE!

Brighten up your space in an unexpected way using twinkly light.
Sunlight and light can brighten your mood, so head outdoors on those sunny winter days, folks. But for the majority of the time, winter can be gloomy, dark and grey. Experiment with twinkly lights inside your home! Hang a string of lights across your mantel or spiraled around an indoor plant. The soft twinkle of holiday lights can evoke the magic of childhood and the festivity of celebration. There is no shame in leaving a bit of twinkle indoors after the holidays have passed!

Try tackling a DIY paint project… inside!
As many of you may know at The Millionaire’s Daughter we sell Bluestone Cottage chalky paint in 12 French Country Vintage colours. The paints offer outstanding performance, coverage and consistency, no sanding or priming is required; and the special formula contains ultra low VOC’s so you can paint safely inside your home!

Start planning your spring decorating.
When I’m feeling blah about my home, my favourite thing to do is to start visualizing my next project or room I’m re-doing. At The Millionaire’s Daughter we find that our spring/summer style furniture flies out the door as soon as it starts arriving in March. It’s always great to plan ahead and know exactly what you’re looking; updating your sunroom this spring? Keep an eye out for wicker and rattan living room sets.

Lastly it’s all about the colours! Apparently colour therapy really does work.
Between grey skies, snow and bare trees, winter can overwhelm us with neutrals. Personally if I’m going to make it to spring, it’s time to infuse some colour in my world and have a little fun. Accessorize with colourful decor, lamps and dishes!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we thought we’d share a few tips on decorating your love nest for a fun night in!

♥ Set a romantic table for two with your favourite treasured china!

♥ Fill a crystal vase with sweetheart candies and a pillar candle for a unique Valentine’s Day inspired centerpiece!

♥ Collect your softest accent pillows and throws to create a cozy setting to watch a classic love movie on your living room floor!

There are about a thousand more amazing ideas for decorating for Valentine’s Day on Pinterest so if you all are looking for some more inspiration head on over to our Pinterest page!

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