Do you have a perfect living room? Is it too perfect to live in? Something that always puzzles us is why people spend so much time and money decorating a living room and spend so little time actually living in it!

Let’s face it – life is busy. Whether you have young children at home, kids heading back to school or grandchildren over to visit, we can all agree that your living space should reflect who’s living in it! With piles of paper coming home from school and toys creating an obstacle course in the family room, now may be the perfect time to rethink your family living space.

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Here at The Millionaire’s Daughter we want to help you find family-friendly furniture, that will fit your budget, look great, and function the way your family needs it to! By choosing durable but stylish furniture, practical storage solutions, and allowing everyone the chance to express their style in defined places, your home can become a haven for all ages!

Here are a couple tips for creating the perfect family-friendly living room.

1. Strive to sit at least 6 people even in a small room. If the room is larger, divide it into areas that sit various groups of people from 2 to 6.

$505.40 + tax Item #: 19533
$505.40 + tax
Item #: 19533

2. Define conversation and seating areas with area rugs. Whether plain or patterned, area rugs add visual definition to a space and can be an accent as well.

$127.40 + tax Item #: 18851
$127.40 + tax
Item #: 18851

3. Don’t be afraid of color, pattern, or texture. Forget the white silk couch. Instead, opt for vibrant color, a bit of pattern and touchable texture. All help to camouflage the inevitable spills, fingerprints and other mishaps.

$86.20 + tax Item #: 18506
$86.20 + tax
Item #: 18506

4. Savvy storage. Clutter is an unavoidable part of family life, but that doesn’t mean it has to take over your home. Find creative storage solution that work for your family, at The Millionaire’s Daughter we sell a variety of storage units, bookcases and cupboard that will help you displayed your favourite decor but also hide the clutter!

$219.74 + tax Item #: 15101
$219.74 + tax
Item #: 15101

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