Consignment Structure Change Jan. 1, 2018

I wish to Thank all of you for a wonderful year. We have had lots of changes and much excitement this year!

After 9 years of The Millionaire’s Daughter, and with all the changes over the years, we are going to make an adjustment to our consignment program. This adjustment will be beneficial to the growth of our business, and I believe will create an even better program for both our consignors and customers.

Since 2009 we have kept our consignment fee as a 50/50 split, but due to costs of utilities etc., we find that we need to change our structure to accommodate the increases we have experienced. We have tried hard to keep this split 50/50, but as of January 1, 2018, we will be going to a 45/55 split and a 4 month term. We work very hard to ensure that your furniture is placed on the floor to help secure a quick sale, and with our advertising across Ontario and over 25% of our inventory sold from viewing on line, I also believe that the major drop (15%) changing at the end of the 3rd month will also be beneficial for the amount collected by the consignor. Please note: All current consignors will need to sign a new contract in the new year.

Consignment Structure:
45% for Consignors
55% for The Millionaire’s Daughter

Consignment Term – 4 months:
After 30 days – drops 10%
After 60 days – drops another 10%
After 90 days – will drop the 15% and stay at this last price for one month bringing the term to 4 months.

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