We are currently in love with geometric patterns in the home! 

What a fun way to add colour, depth and interest to your space! 

Zig-zag, square or diamond, geometric motifs can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. There are so many vibrant, elegant patterns out there; be it rugs, cushion covers, upholstery chairs, wall paper, wall stencils, vases, artwork and the list goes on…


What to look for:

Rugs. Add a pop of colour to your space with a bold patterned carpet. Or looking for something more subtle? Try a light on light geometric pattern for your floor space. Chervon pattern and colour block are always a favourite!

Pillows. OK I love a good pillow or two (or fifteen lol), and right now there is an amazing selection of colourful pattern pillows in every size and material. So many that soon my bed will be lost under a sea of fabulous patterned pillows!

Wallpaper. An accent wall can sometimes be quite the commitment, but if you find a colour you love, in a fabulous wallpaper I say go for it! Imagine how it could update your dining room or bedroom.

Mirrors. Most mirrors are ovals, squares or rectangles, which are of course, geometric shapes. But think outside the box and look for mirrors with triangular bevels, inlays of criss-cross lines, frames with intricate angle patterns, scalloped edges and my favourite, perfectly circular mirrors.

Here are some of our favourite pieces from The Millionaire’s Daughter that will have you falling in love with your basic Grade 3 geometry again!


Enjoy the geometric trend!  It’s a great way to infuse your home with bold shapes, a pop of colour and a fun sense of style!

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