Customer Survey Response!

We asked, you answered, and now we want to respond! Today we are sharing some of the incredible insights from our customer survey last month. We had over 500 responses and not only that – the comments, feedback, and suggestions were SO insightful and unbelievably helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to do that for us. We are so proud that so many of you share our love for consignment and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned. Every year we get better and that’s because of you. And as always continue to share fabulous new arrivals from The Millionaire’s Daughter four store locations!

So here’s a summary of the survey results! This will give you a sneak peek into what you can expect to see from The Millionaire’s Daughter in 2020! Again, THANK YOU, for all the amazing suggestions. We hope to reply to some of your comments and answer any questions you may have, if not check out our FAQ on our website!

Survey questions were: How did you find The Millionaire’s Daughter? Which of our locations have you shopped at? In addition to furniture & decor, what other product would you be interested in purchasing at our store? How do you find out about new arrivals and posts from The Millionaire’s Daughter? How would you rate our service overall? How likely are you to recommend this store to others? and What would you change?

How did you find The Millionaire’s Daughter?

The most common responses were; word of mouth, a referral from a friend, signage out from of store, saw us on tv, google search, found us through social media, walked by our Ottawa Street location, heard a radio ad, saw our billboard/bus ads.

What other merchandise would you like to see offered?

“Honestly nothing else – stick to anything to do with the home. Keep doing what you know best!!! I wouldn’t recommend extending into clothing, jewelry & accessories (handbags etc) – there are lots of those consignment stores already.”

“Be good at one or two things. Don’t be crappy at a whole bunch of things. Stay focused on your main skills”

“Love the store as is. I love the used furniture selection and some related items. I would not like to see other “stuff” filling up the store. Decor items, yes, jewelry no.”

Maureen’s reply; We agree and are giving this some thought!

What would you change? Hamilton Store Feedback; more accurate inputting 

“A little more detail on the items, as listed on the website”

“Your description of items is sometimes inaccurate, often the description is too short, and sometimes not all dimensions are posted”

“Provide more information in the online listings such as type of wood or material. Glad to see you now provide the info on price drops and dates”

Maureen’s reply; Our point-of-sale system and website are custom developed for The Millionaire’s Daughter. Most importantly our website is live and items come off immediately once old. I agree that we can do better with our descriptions, measurements, and supply as much information as we can offer.  When it comes to wood types, we can only specify when the information comes directly from the consignor. We want to ensure we give our buyers the correct info.  No guesswork!

Positive customer feedback for Hamilton: staff, experience, STAFF!

“It’s a warm and friendly environment that makes me feel like I’m getting a big hug when I walk thru the door!!! Staff was terrific and the whole process was seamless when I brought items in for consignment. I love browsing all the wonderful & unique items at the Ottawa st store and chatting with the fabulous people who work there.”

“Since I have visited all your stores, I can testify to how clean, interesting, creative displayed, and vibrant they are. All the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, with a special round of applause going to the Hamilton store where I have spent the most time (and money) as it is the closest to my home.”

Maureen’s reply; We couldn’t agree more. Thank you. All of our stores strive to accommodate and make sure everyone feels welcomed as soon as they walk in the door! We also know that the washroom is an issue in this location as we do not have one for customers. The reason we are not able to open it up to the public is due to the plumbing of a 100-year-old building. The plumbing in the building cannot take this kind of use, so it has to be closed to the public. We appreciate your understanding!

What would you change? Oakville Store Feedback: Customer Service

“I don’t always find the staff very friendly. So improved customer service orientation comes to mind”.

“Have friendlier more customer service focused Sales Reps in Oakville. I find them grumpy and too busy to assist.”

Maureen’s reply; The Oakville staff are aware of these comments and are really trying to make all of their customers and consignors feel welcome. This is a very busy store and the largest out of all 4 locations. With Derry welcoming customers in as they enter, Marg and Shelly on the floor staging making sure that everything looks great and of course Lily, Joan and Claire greeting our consignors at the back entrance and ensuring items are inputted quickly and put on the floor. Also, did you know that this store has more customers and consignors bringing in goodies for the staff to say thank you than all the other locations?  So give them a chance and make sure they know you need help because they all truly love what they do.

Positive customer feedback Oakville: laid out beautifully, ‘homey’ welcoming atmosphere, quality items

“Store is laid out beautifully and your emails are so appreciated. Love to be able to browse inventory online”

Maureen’s reply; Thank you! We couldn’t agree more!

What would you change? Aurora Store; Main Feedback Lack of consistency

“Better communication between staff. When making an email request submission, receiving approval of accepted items and delivery dates, there is not always clear communication between staff as to how and when approval was provided and by whom. This creates an uncomfortable drop-off process when back door staff are not aware of deliveries.”

Maureen’s reply; We appreciate the feedback and we have put new procdures in place to improve communication and consistency at the Aurora store, already! Our staff is working dilliengty on communicating with our consignors and customers. We will continue to ensure all items on the floor have a quick turnaround and our store is decorated beautifully. We will also have a physical list in the consignment area of items we are and are not accepting at any given time. Communication is our main prioroty at all locations!

Positive customer feedback for Aurora: Friendly staff, special attention to detail, eclectic vignettes!

“I enjoy browsing the website for new arrivals and particularly enjoy the e-newsletters and short videos. I think the staging and vignettes in the Aurora store are wonderful!”

Maureen’s reply; Thank you from the ladies in Aurora. They always love to meet and get to know all of their fabulous and friendly customers.

What would you change? Kitchener Store; Main feedback Confusing consignment process

“As a Consignor, I’ve been made to feel that I’m a nuisance and the ‘intake’ staff have given the impression that you take up too much of their time, even when you’ve gone through everything in the process to send pictures, make an appointment, ensure your items are clean, in working order and ready for the floor.”

“Although I have not done so yet, I am reluctant to try and consign furniture with you due to the (perceived) logistics and expense for me (getting furniture out of the house and delivered).”

Maureen’s reply; We use our custom point-of-sale program to value your items based on what has previously sold in The Millionaire’s Daughter. We price items to sell. With over 10 years of experience we know that everything will sell for the right price and almost no one wants their consigned items back! Our Kitchener store has now hired two more staff member to keep up with all the new consignments we receive at this very busy location. Our new front desk associate will handle over 50 consignment requests a day and our new stager is welcoming customers while making the store look beautiful. The cost of delivering your furnitue can be an expense but we would not take your items in if we do not think we can sell them for you. We provide contact information for an insured delivery team that we personally can trust. We also can offer to pay the drivers and make a deduciton out of your consignments as they sell. The choice is always yours!

Main Positive for Kitchener: customer service, layouts, environmentally friendly! 

“Thanks for this valuable service It’s a great shopping experience without the guilt of rampant consumerism”

“I think the whole concept of this store is brilliant. It allows me to make my home unique at a reasonable cost and also allows me to change things around as my needs change.”

Maureen’s reply; Thank you, we feel very welcomed in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge area!

Overall/Website Feedback & Final thoughts

“I found it difficult to have my products picked up and delivered to The Millionaire’s Daughter. It was very costly and in the end, it cost me. Could have just taken it elsewhere for less hassle. I also did not like that the ‘driver’ could be the judge of what was acceptable.”

Maureen’s reply; We ask the drivers to help out with this as you as a consignor do not want the item delivered to our store and not be a 9/10 shape, then you would have the choice of picking it up or not selling.

“Have more photos of each item. I would like to see multiple pictures of items; for example, a cabinet should be shown both closed and open.”

Jacky’s reply; We are working on this for 2020! Stay tuned.

“The search option on your website does not function very well”

Jacky’s reply; We hear you! And we’ve already fixed this! Try it out.

“Would like to see some lower priced items i.e. $30 – $50 on the website.”

Jacky’s reply; We already do this! Check out the category Staff Picks under $50! Updated daily!

“When searching items, a website can be slow – is there a ‘watch list’ that one can use to monitor continued availability, sale or price drop on specific items? I would love service to alert you when a particular type of item comes into your favorite store, via a personal email.”

“An email watch list alert which identifies a new product that a customer may want would be really helpful.”

Jacky’s reply; Great suggestion! We are finding out if this is possible!

Sincerely thankful for everyone who took the time to respond to our survey that was sent out on August 16th. Again, we were blown away to received over 500 responses. We are very excited to start working on some of the improvements and new ventures we have planned based on your feedback. Every year we get better and that’s because of you.

Much appreciated, always!

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