Delight in the Little Things!

By Margaret

I am sure that I am not alone when I say that January and half of February have been difficult in so many ways.  We had to shut the store for in-store shopping (fortunately we could still do curbside!).  We had strict stay at home orders so more time away from our extended families.  And then there was the SNOW – piles of it!  Finally we were given the go ahead to open on the 16th.  That day I was struggling through the falling snow driving to work after having spent an inordinate amount of time deicing my car, all the while thinking of how much there was to do just to get the store ready again for our great customers and consignors. Needless to say stress at 8:00 is not fun!

Along the way, as I stopped for a light, I happened to notice a woman holding the hand of her young child , their heads down, bundled up and trudging through the snow that had accumulated on the sidewalk.   I felt sad for them as I sat in my nice warm car and imagined their unhappiness at having to make this journey in the elements.  But, as I continued to watch, something delightful happened – the child started to skip, knees coming up and down in rhythm.  Then the mom joined in and I could see them laughing as the snow flew up around them. At that moment it came to me that this day, and most days, would be better if the “little things” were given more importance and notice, that delight in the little things could fill some of the void we are all feeling during this difficult time. Since then I have tried to remember the little child and what he unknowingly taught me.

Here are some of my delightful “little things”:

  • The small bunch of tulips my husband bought me – for no reason,
  • The last truffle easter egg (my favourite) for me to buy in the Dollarama display,
  • The texts from my grandkids just saying “hi” when they were supposed to be asleep,
  • Feeling the warmth of the sun on my back through the sliding door in my kitchen mid afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate
  • Reading the paper and doing puzzles and crosswords for hours on Sunday morning
  • Listening to audio books from the Library with the touch of some buttons on my phone

I have become enamoured by a beautiful and inspirational book by Charlie Mackesy called “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse”. One of my favourite pages is when the mole is talking to the boy.

So,  I am working harder at being grateful and delighted by the little things in life and I hope that you will get some inspiration to do the same.

At The Millionaire’s Daughter we pride ourselves on showcasing some very large furniture pieces, mirrors and artwork.  But we certainly get many “little” decor pieces that are delightful all on their own.  Here are some of my favourites.

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