Ebb and Flow . . .


As I sit at my computer on a crisp early September afternoon, I can’t help but remember a Blog article called “Change” that I wrote at the beginning of March.  It doesn’t seem that long ago and yet, since that time, so many things have changed, so it was apropos.  Our lives have been impacted in countless ways, and yet the sun rises every morning, many of us are back at work and life carries on, like the ebb and flow of the oceans.

I am a big fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, their design aesthetic and their vision, as exemplified in their magazine, The Magnolia Journal.  They write each issue based on a theme.  I was especially intrigued this month with the theme of “rhythm”.  Most of us have developed a rhythm to our days this summer and have become comfortable in this new reality.  We may not want to change, but inevitably, new rhythms will have to be adopted with the coming of the fall season, and school openings just around the corner.  So the ebb and flow of our lives will carry on, but just in different ways and with different intensities.

The idea and reality of ebb and flow is evident to me everyday at The Millionaire’s Daughter.  We accept new items . . . they are delivered and displayed . . . customers purchase their favourites . . . these items leave the store only to be replaced by new pieces . . . and the whole process starts again.  Each week brings new discoveries based on repeated tried and true procedures.  Additionally we have customers who visit on a regular basis, a weekly or biweekly rhythm of sorts.  We have work schedules and produce cheques for our consignors on a regular monthly basis, with many of our consignors using the money earned to reinvest in new items for their homes.  With so many external factors at play to disrupt this ebb and flow, there is comfort to be found in this “ritual”.  Sometimes unpredictability can be exciting, but lately I have found this rhythm to help me through the days and allow me to look forward to better days and times to come.

Currently at the Oakville store we have some great artistic examples of “ebb and flow”.

Here are a few samples:

Item 171946

Signed Painting – Ocean View
$122.40 + Tax
Item Code
Signed by artist Memory Stableford, oil on canvas, 23 x 29. condition noted

Item #175058:

Original Acrylic “Spirit of the River”
$202.62 + Tax
Item Code
Original acrylic painting, Spirit of the River, signed Thomson W., gold frame, 22″ x 18″

Item #177120

Numbered Print By Arthur Lismer ” A September Gale” $177.40 + Tax
Item Code
Numbered print 266/435, Arthur Lismer “A September Gale, Georgian Bay”, ornate gold frame, 35 x 31, condition noted

And we have some fabulous decor items to help you enter your new fall “rhythm” with style and flair!

So . . . We invite you to visit any one of our 4 stores (with a face covering please) and discover new treasures to enhance the ebb and flow of your unique life.  We would love to see you!


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