Embrace the Journey

Hi everyone, Margaret here.

I recently received my digital copy of Magnolia Journal and was inspired by the ideas presented in the letter from the editor, entitled Forward Motion, by Joanna Gaines.  In it she says, “Forward motion is rarely a straight line ahead.  It can also look like sitting still, backing up, or even walking in a few circles while we wait for a path to clear”.  My son has a wonderful, beloved dog who is fifteen years old.  He is suffering from old age and arthritis but still manages to get up from his spot on the stair landing and walk in circles in the hallway.  The vet told my son that his equilibrium has been affected, so that causes him to lean into the circles, but Rocky thinks he is making headway and still moving forward, no matter the physical obstacles.

So, with the current state of affairs locally and globally,  it is more important than ever for us all to continue this “forward motion”, whatever it looks like, and celebrate how far each of our journeys has taken us.

With this in mind,  we are excited to celebrate and hold a storewide anniversary sale on September 18th.  More details will follow closer to the date.  The Millionaire’s Daughter has been a consignment icon since 2009 and we are stronger than ever, even through the difficulties of the last 18 months. We celebrate the continued support of our customers and friends, while special mention goes to our consignors, some of whom donate all of the proceeds from the sale of their consignment items to charities to help them to move forward with their good works.

We are reintroducing the Millionaire Maker concept this fall with the introduction of a collection of rustic handmade wooden stars for seasonal and special occasions.  And we are considering a new concept called the Millionaire Market, where we would sell a small curated product line of unique gifts and personal items.  We would appreciate your feedback as to what items would be of interest to you.

As anybody who knows me would attest, I am a “doer” and not usually content to idle away my time.  But lately I have come to recognize that sitting still and thinking of past achievements, beloved family and friends and goals, whether for the next five minutes or five years, is a good way to keep the “forward motion” evolving.  So just keep moving with your mind, body and spirit in the direction of your dreams and embrace the journey.  And, of course, visit one of our stores or our website often to make those “forward motion” design plans a reality.

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