Full Circle, Blog #1 by: Lisa Palmer

“Every item tells a story” is written across the walls of any Millionaire’s Daughter you will visit. And it’s true. This place has a way of connecting you to a fond memory somewhere in your history, and that’s part of the reason so many customers and consignors come back time and again to visit our stores.

On January 23rd, my colleague posted a picture of a simple wooden chair I purchased for my home office. Just a simple piece, well-worn, loved, rich w charisma, and full of charm. I had to have it. After a few hours, I began to notice hit after hit on our social media pages of people admiring and commenting – sincerely curious as to the history of the chair. Other Instagram sites reposted as well – – my wee chair went viral (lol not in a Kardashian kind of way – but still pretty cool). To my utter shock and delight, the previous owner commented “that is my chair I put on consignment – served me well. So glad it has gone on to a good home”…. I was thrilled to find the consignor of this wee chair and went about to get the story.

Her Instagram is cc_green_61 and this is her story:

She’s a retired teacher, an antique enthusiast, blessed w a green thumb and all ‘round good sport like most well loved teachers are. On a not so random trip to a local antique flea market, CC was on the hunt for a small medicine bottle she broke (by accident) of one of her students. Ironically, she never found the bottle, but she fell in love w an antique radio and knew her father – another aficionado of things past – would gladly help her restore. As she reaches for her wallet to complete this transaction, the dealer of this booth, casually mentions there is a small chair available and would she consider it a as a “side piece” to the radio. Upon inspection, CC smiled, shakes her head, and politely declines. “Why don’t you just take it” he says, w a smile – and she couldn’t resist. Her car packed w vintage finds, she drove home w a few projects, some great memories, and a really good story.

By: Lisa Palmer

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