Get to know our staff: Ronni

Say hello to Ronni! She works at our Aurora store! Ronni started at The Millionaire’s Daughter as a co-op student in April 2017; part of the Interior Decorator program at Georgian college. Ronni was such a great asset to our team we wanted her to stay! And we’re so glad she did. Ronni has been fabulous with customers, a wiz with computers and kind and supportive to her fellow staff for several years now! Your hard work is so appreciated Ronni! Just this month Ronni graduated and now has her diploma in Interior Decorating! We could not be more proud. Congratulations Ronni! Get to know a little about the recent graduate ?‍? 

Which location do you work at: 


Which locations have you visited?

Aurora, Kitchener

What do you love about your job at TMD?

Ronni: Seeing all the unique pieces and getting to style them with pieces you wouldn’t normally think to put them with!

When looking for pieces for your own home, where do you draw inspiration? Ex. Pinterest, Magazines, Instagram, TV shows…

Ronni: I look mostly on Pinterest and Instagram! I’m not into totally modern spaces so I can get anything I need online!

What do you think is the easiest way to update a room?

Ronni: New art! Change out your vintage pieces to something modern and the whole room will change!

Why do you think people shop at The Millionaire’s Daughter? 

Ronni: People know they are still getting good quality furniture here, for a great price! So many people also get to see furniture that they had in their house growing up! It’s a hunt for them!

When you aren’t working, what are you doing? Hobbies, interests, etc.

Ronni: I’m either at school, watching movies, sometimes baking!

If I gave you a millionaire dollars, what is the first thing you’d buy from The Millionaire’s Daughter? 

Ronni: I’d totally just refurnish my house! Everything I love sells so quick!

Name 2 things you want everyone to know about you?

Ronni! I’m in my final year to become a certified Interior Decorator. I also aspire to be a makeup artist!

Name 3 things on your bucket list.

Ronni: Travel to Holland with my mum to meet family, Travel to each Canadian province, Open my own business!

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