Last week we asked THIS question on Facebook and posted THIS picture on Instagram, we were inspired by one spectacular chandelier consigned in our Aurora store.

#showstopper Yesterday we received this Beautiful Crystal Chandelier for consignment $1735.70, over $5000.00 paid retail. Check it out @ The Millionaire’s Daughter {}

This particular chandelier SOLD earlier last week,  but don’t worry, we have more chandelier at The Millionaire’s Daughter that guaranteed make you say wow 🙂

Here is the rule of thumb for chandelier size by room size:

  • For an 8-foot ceiling, install the chandelier 30 inches above the table and about 34 inches for taller ceilings.
  • Choose a chandelier that has a diameter one-half the width of the table over which it will hang.  For example, if the width of your table is 54”, select a chandelier that has a diameter of 27”.
  • The height of a chandelier should be about 3 inches per foot of the room’s height. So, an 8-foot ceiling would have a 24 inch high chandelier.

BUT… Gone are the days when ornate chandeliers are reserved for formal dining spaces. A recently popular decorative style has glamorous chandeliers placed in various settings, inside and outside the home.  Today, chandeliers are popping up in the most unexpected places, such as bedrooms and even bathrooms.  Whether your looking for tiered, traditional, crystal or contemporary think outside the box and add some sparkle to a dull space with a glamorous chandelier from The Millionaire’s Daughter.

Ready to think outside the box? Here’s some inspiration for unconventional chandelier placement.

Glamorous Chandelier in Bedrooms

There was a woman in our store over the weekend who was looking for a bedroom chandelier, we LOVE that! Here’s one she was looking at:

Cream Chandelier
Cream Chandelier w 5 Lights / All Cream / Silk Shades
Location: Aurora
Categories: Lighting
$87.20 + tax

Nothing can make a bathroom feel glamorous like a beautiful crystal chandelier! 

In the event industry chandeliers are being used for indoor/outdoor weddings, so elegant!

Can’t wait for summer? Hang an outdoor chandelier on your covered back or front porch.

Looking for a chandelier for a unique space? We’d love to hear from you! Check out our online store @ and search Chandeliers in Inventory.

Have a great Sunday!

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