Here’s a bright idea, add some bright colour to your interior! Bright colors have the power to instantly glam up the look of your house and are a great way to decorate your house during summer.

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Our Favourite & *Brightest* Colours

Lime green: This hue is so refreshing and natural that it instantly gives a good feel to the room. Use small accessories of lime green color to get the a refreshingly bright look.

Bright red: A beautiful, bold and strong hue. A cheerful red is a happy color and is very welcoming to guests.

Brilliant coral: It is one of the most vibrant hues of the sea and has its rustic charm. Use it on a pillow or a throw, textiles in this vibrant colour are just gorgeous!

Orange: A total summer color, this shade is ideal to make a statement with painted side tables, sideboards etc.

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