Introducing the ‘Millionaire Makers’ Local Feature!

We are thrilled to introduce something NEW to The Millionaire’s Daughter! 

The Millionaire ‘Makers’

We want to feature your local products at our stores. We are looking for ‘Makers’! Calling all; artists, crafters, sewers, artisans, painters and more. Get in touch with Maureen! 

[email protected]

Introducing the first Millionaire Maker! Boomerang Bags 

Boomerang Bags are handmade by volunteers from the local community using upcycled fabrics as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. 

Learn out about how to donate at or join their Facebook group! Boomerang Bags are now for sale at The Millionaire’s Daughter Hamilton for a limited time!

“Waterdown Boomerang Bags” is a group of local volunteers who use rescued fabrics to make shopping totes to keep still-useful materials out of the landfill and encourage people to use reusable bags rather than plastic shopping bags to stop plastic pollution. Individual members give away free t-shirt bags to members of the public in stores. We also offer our beautiful tote bags in exchange for monetary donations. Funds raised are used to cover costs of tags, thread and other incidentals. Any profits are donated to charity. Our primary charity is “Friends4Kindness”, which supports children (often with developmental disabilities) who struggle with friendships, are left out of normal social activities or bullied. During the month of January 2020 , we also chose to support Australian wildlife rescues. “Waterdown Boomerang Bags” is always interested in donations of clean materials such as sewing stashes, sheets, curtains, left-over thread or cotton yarn. Sewists interested in joining the group, potential donors or anyone interested in acquiring any of our beautiful bags can find us on Facebook under “Waterdown Boomerang Bags” or feel free to contact us by email at [email protected].”

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