Nine years ago I opened a furniture consignment store in Hamilton and had no expectations of any more than that! I realized, quickly, how much I loved the business of working with people. We were able to help clients, as they downsized, moved, or renovated, sell their furniture on consignment, in turn, offering amazing, quality, pieces to our growing customer base. It’s true that “everything here has its own little story and has been gathered through the years” a saying we’ve had painted on the walls at the stores. It brings me joy that our consignors know that their furniture is going to a great home and our customers have the opportunity to score fabulous furniture and decor.

Now nine years later, here we are opening our 4th location in the wonderful city of Kitchener. After 6 months of searching, we found the perfect location; 8000 square feet in a totally new renovated building on Victoria Street North, just down the street from Guelph and close to so many fabulous areas!

I love every aspect of the stores, they have brought me more joy than I could have ever possibly imagined! We are constantly reviewing our business strategies and growing our company while keeping our commitment to re-use, recycle and treat everyone we meet the way we would like to be treated! I want to thank all of you for shopping, consigning and searching for wonderful items off our LIVE website! (Did you know we have shipped as far as Haiti and Australia?!) But most of all I want to thank all of the 17 fabulous staff members who come to work every day, putting a smile on their faces as they open another box or move another dining table just to make everything look FABULOUS! Thank you for always having my back and ensuring that we can all grow together!

Come in and see our new store opening this Saturday, October 15th at 1436 Victoria Street North, Kitchener!


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