As some of you may know we have been in the process of creating a new and improved website for some time now! Oftentimes with technology nothing seems to go to plan. Our goal was to create an awesome website that would function perfectly for our customers using iPads, tablets, mobile phone as well as computers. We are very excited to announce we will be launching our new website tonight! New year, new challenges, new website, same address!

Our inventory system is fairly complex and was custom designed just for our business. This point of sale system is live and offers consignors a detailed look into their accounts, showing what is currently for sale at The Millionaire’s Daughter and what is sold, this system obviously needed to work hand in hand with our website! When we receive your fabulous furniture and decor for consignment we inventory and photograph every item over $50.00 for our website. This allows over a thousand customers to browse and see what’s available at the four locations of The Millionaire’s Daughter, every single day! We pride ourselves in that, and just like our inventory system, our website is live! Items that you see on our website are available at that time in one of our locations.

It’s 2017 and the world is advanced, we are always striving to be better! We have worked closely with a web developer and after a year, and many setbacks, we are ready to show all of you our new site! So, let us know what you think! We are so appreciative of your understanding in this transitional time, it may not be perfect, but we are sure trying!


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