Hi everyone,

It’s Maureen!

This week I had a customer ask me, “why do I love this business?” So I thought that today I would share with you all why I love what I do!

I fell in love with the idea of consignment when I was an account manager for a Nutritional company; I was in Calgary and saw this store that was as big as the Brick selling consignment furniture and décor!

The second I walked in the store I knew THIS is what I wanted to do! Three years later I opened The Millionaire’s Daughter in Hamilton, Ontario.  When the store first opened, we didn’t have any consignors of merchandise! So I went to an Auction Sale to buy fabulous one-of-kind pieces to fill the 2000 square foot store! At the Auction, I bought almost everything! It was all meant to beone of my favorite sayings!

The store in Hamilton was filled, and I thought that 2000 square feet, would be plenty of space.  What did I know?  Set goals and step aside (another one of my favorite sayings) within the first two months, expansions were underway, we expanded to 4000 square feet!  Just  another year after that we expanded the lower lever to a total of 6500 square feet!

Do what you love and it is never work (another favorite saying) and I can tell you that it’s never work!  Stressful sometimes, over 200 emails a day for consignments, completing our own POS system, the only consignment store that has a live POS and website in Canada (once an item is priced on the floor it is on the website and once its sold, off it goes).

So almost 7 years later, The Millionaire’s Daughter has grown to three stores and 13 staff members that do a fabulous job!  So I want to say thank you to not only our customers and consignors but also to the staff that helped make my dreams come true! 

That is why I love this business.

~Maureen Barnes


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