Happy New Year everyone!

As we close the book on 2014 we love to look at the decorating trends designers are promoting for the coming season. Looking forward to the design trends in 2015, lots and lots of looks are big right now, and designers are venturing out in many different directions, experimenting with color, styles, shapes and textures.

Contrasting Blues: Got the winter blues? Thats ok! Blue is without a doubt a massive trend. It’s all about blue, and don’t be shy about sticking to one shade either. Use it in accessories, soft furnishings, couches, cushions, cupboards, walls and anywhere else you can imagine it. Blue will be big in 2015.

via designsponge


Statement Couches: Okay we love this trend! Forget flashy accent chairs or pillows go straight for a bold, colourful or statement couch in your favourite living area.

via refinery29
via refinery29


Mixed Metals: There was a time when mixing metals was considered a major faux pas. In 2015, designers predict, it’ll be all the rage! Mixing silvers, brass, chromes and golds adds an unexpected dose of glamour to any space!



Geometric Patterns: We were loving geometric patterns last year (you can read about it in this blog post here) and it looks like they will be a huge decorating trend in 2015! Zig-zag, square or diamond, geometric motifs can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. There are so many vibrant, elegant patterns out there; be it rugs, cushion covers, upholstery chairs, wall paper, wall stencils, vases, artwork and the list goes on…



Mid-Century Modern Elements: Here at The Millionaire’s Daughter we’ve seen that mid-century modern furniture has been popular for the last couple years. But designers predict this year it will be even trendier! Mid-century modern furniture was all about simplicity, clean lines, organic lines and of course quality construction.  It was design ahead of its time and now it has come full circle!


At the end of the day the most important thing to remember is that, there is only one style that matters: yours. Be true to yourself, and fill your home only with the things that make your heart jump for joy. At The Millionaire’s Daughter we will always try to carry a mix of trendy, classic and sometimes just plain eclectic furniture and decor pieces. Your home should reflect your personal style and be filled with statement pieces that grab your attention, because “trends come and go, but style is eternal .” –Yves Saint Laurent

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year!

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