Hi everyone, Are you a consignor with The Millionaire’s Daughter? Well that means you have an online consignor account! Your log in information includes your email and a password you created when your account was activated. We recently made some changes to your online consignor accounts ( Today we wanted to go over some new features so that you’ll feel confident when checking your online consignor account with The Millionaire’s Daughter! First you’ll see your Name, Consignor Number, Address etc. Your consignor number is important! It is a number unique to you and should be marked on your future consignments when you bring them to a location.

At the very bottom on the page you’ll notice two options; Change Password & Email Preferences. Here, pretty self explanatory, you can change your password or reset your email preferences (to receive or not receive our weekly Newsletter).

Next, you will see your Settlement history. Here you will see the Date Settled (your settlements cheques are always available for pick up on the 15th of the month after your item sells), Settlement Amount (the amount to be expected on your cheques), and Inventory Sold (this will display the number of items sold that specific month). Following that is your Current Inventory (this is inventory that has not yet sold). Notice the Item #, Item Description, Date Added (when your item was inputted), Current Quantity, and Current Price of your current unsold inventory.

Next you see your Previous Inventory (this is inventory that has been sold! or no longer in the store). Here you’ll notice the Item #, Item Description, Date Added (again the date it was inputted), Date Sold (when your item was sold!), Original Quantity, and Sold Price. If your item(s) did not sell within the 5 month term we will contact you to pick up the item(s) (returned) or donate the item(s) to a local charity (donated), this will be marked under sold price with the words Return, Donate, Retain, Dispose.

 Next, staying on the same Previous Inventory column, if you hover your mouse over the Sold Price amount ($20.00) Here you will see the Original Price of the item, any Discounts that may have been applied to the purchase, the $ amount the item Sold for, and what, you, the Consignor Receives from the 50/50 consignment split. Finally at the bottom of the page you will see the Logout option! Thanks for reading everyone! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns while checking your online consignor account with The Millionaire’s Daughter, contact us → here.

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