The Power of Colour

By Margaret

I find it fascinating, and mostly comforting, that certain smells, sounds and colours can evoke memories of experiences, from recent events, but more importantly from times long past.

When I was a child I had to have some surgery.  My parents were great at comforting me and explaining, as much as they could, what to expect.  But my clearest memory of that experience was waking up to the smell of a small purple hyacinth plant in bloom on my bedside table.  My best friend’s mom had left it by my bed when I was still sleeping.  To this day, I look forward to spring when I can purchase another hyacinth to associate the comfort and sense of security the smell gave me during a scary time.

We recently took in this piece of art for consignment at the Oakville store.

I was immediately impacted by the red lipstick worn by the model.  

My mother, who has long since passed, was known around our small town for always dressing her best, putting on her red lipstick just right and dabbing her neck and behind her ears with her “Evening in Paris” perfume, the theme this artwork conjures for me. My sister and I made sure that she was laid to rest in the most beautiful red dress we could find as per her request.

In our design and decorating decisions, the power of colour is often a key factor.  Many of our customers come into the store and relate their latest projects, with a colour change being a major consideration.

If you are drawn to red, as my mother was, here are some great finds in the Oakville store right now.

I hope that your senses always inspire great memories.  Here are some other items that have made me smile and be inspired this week!

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