Things that are making me smile this week!

By Margaret

Summer is here and the temperatures are hot, hot, hot!

But so are the amazing deals and merchandise at all TMD locations.  Now that we are including items on our website, with values of less than $50, our customers are snapping up some incredible decor treasures right from the air conditioned comfort of their easy chairs. Remember that items can be paid for with a Credit Card over the phone and picked up within 7 days. Also please note that transfers of small items like a vase, small picture or candlestick can be done between stores. Please call any one of our stores to determine if a transfer is possible before you purchase.

I am always curious to see what the other locations are carrying.  Here are some of the unique items that are making me smile this week.


Vintage Wooden Spool – 173816 – $23.50

Ceramic Wall Art – 173772 – $20.50


Pig Business Card Holder – 173714 – $25.50

Bull Dog Book Ends – 173537 – $45.20


PR Orange and Green Cushions – 172551 – $25.50

Hammock – 172470 – $76.20


Turquoise Floral Necklace – 173631 – $22.50

Vintage Crystal Jewel Box – 173608 – $20.50

I hope that you are all enjoying the beautiful weather, getting out and staying safe.  Come and visit us in our stores.  We would love to see you with smiles behind our masks and shields!

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