Valentine’s Day is a hard holiday to shop for. If your opposed to giving the predictable, cliche, and unimaginative, traditional box of chocolates to your loved one for Valentine’s Day this year check out our stores for one-of-a-kind gift ideas. Valentine’s Day gifts haven’t changed much since around A.D. 270 when St. Valentine hitched all those young star-crossed lovers. Heart necklaces, boxes of chocolates, cards, roses, cheesy love poems… okay, we get it we sound a little pessimistic but come on, we know you can get more creative then a box of sweethearts.

This year blow your partners mind with some out of the box presents for Valentine’s Day from The Millionaire’s Daughter.

♥ For your one true love {guys}

8351_image (1)

Antique Wine Chest $204.20

8597_image (1)

Underwood Type Writer $132.40

img_1096 (1)

Vintage Jackpot Slot Machine

♥ For your one true love {girls}

7482_image (1)

Royal Doulton Figurine $152.40

3515_image (1)

Silver Tea Set $269.85

6525_image (1)

Vintage Candle Sticks $61.20

8302_image (1)

Limoges China “Bridal Rose” $102.40

♥ For your best friend


Wine Holder – High Heel

img_1117 (1)

Retro Round Mirror $86.20


Vintage Vanity Set $39.45

♥ For the kids 


Handmade Letter Blocks

8718_image (1)

Shabby Chic Child’s Rocker$15.50

♥ For the dog lover

4411_image (1)

Limited Edition Etching by Helen Fay #3/70 $385.50

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