We are looking for your fabulous décor items in Aurora! Come in and consign with us during our consignment hours Monday-Wednesday 10-4 and Saturdays 11-3.

What are your consignment terms?
We sell your fine furnishings on consignment. You receive 50% of the sale price.

How do I consign my furniture with The Millionaire’s Daughter?
All FURNITURE items MUST be approved prior to delivery to the store. You can submit a consignment request by simply sending us a photo of your furniture items Sell Your Furniture HERE. We will evaluate whether it is something we think we can sell and respond to you via email. If you don’t have access to email or a digital camera, drop by our stores with a traditional photo.

Do I need an appointment to consign items?
We always suggest giving us a call before you bring your decor items here for consignment. All décor items (accessories, lights, pictures, dishes, small items, etc.) that you wish to consign must be dropped off, during a consignment day, in a box or container labelled with your FIRST and LAST NAME along with a detailed itemized list. Consignment Hours: Monday 10 – 4, Tuesday 10 – 4, Wednesday 10 – 4, Saturday 11 – 3.

When you bring in items for consignment at The Millionaire’s Daughter you have the option to wait while one of our staff members quickly goes through your boxes and returns any items to you that we feel we will not be able to sell. If you are unable to wait while we go through your consignment you may be asked to pick up any unwanted consignments within 7 days of notification or your items will be donated to a local charity.

Is there a limit to the amount of consignments I can bring in at a time?
Yes, limit to two (2) boxes of decor per consignor, per consignment day. Lamps (no more than 2 without appointment). Artwork (no more than 2 per day, per consignor) all artwork must be equipped with the appropriate hardware to hang on our walls.

How do I prepare my items?
As you choose items to consign, ask yourself, “Would I buy it in its current condition?”. If not, take a minute to dust, polish, clean or vacuum your item. We may not accept items that are not adequately prepared for sale. All items for consignment must be clean and in prime condition; i.e. dirt, dust, and smoke free, not in need of any repair, and in good working order.

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