Hi everyone! Today we are sharing some of the incredible insights from our recent blog survey. First of all, we have to say THANK YOU! We had no idea what an amazing response we would receive when we send out our very first survey (in NINE years of business!). We were truly grateful that nearly 300 of you responded and not only that – the comments, feedback, and suggestions were SO insightful and unbelievably helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to do that for us. We are so proud that so many of you share our love for consignment and we can’t wait to create exciting new content based on all of your suggestions. And as always continue to share fabulous new arrivals from The Millionaire’s Daughter four store locations!

So here’s a quick summary of the survey results! This will give you a sneak peek into what you can expect to see from The Millionaire’s Daughter this year! Again, THANK YOU, for all the amazing suggestions. We hope to answer any questions you may have below, if not check out our FAQ!


  • Most common responses were; word of mouth, a referral from a friend, saw an ad, referral from a decorator or real estate agent, saw us on tv, google search, found us through social media, walked by our Ottawa Street location, heard a radio ad, saw our billboard/bus ads.


  • Is it possible to ship from one store to another? Simple cross location shopping that would be great. YES, IT IS! WE CAN TRANSFER ANY SOLD ITEM TO ANOTHER LOCATION FOR PICK UP! JUST CALL AND PAY FOR THE ITEM.


  • Can you provide the markdown schedule on the website? WE’VE ADDED THIS FEATURE TO OUR WEBSITE BASED ON YOUR FEEDBACK! CHECK IT OUT!


  • Excellent. But would like to see the reduced pricing as the month’s progress. Saves a lot of phone calls. DONE! 
  • It’s difficult to see if there’s any damage/scratches/marks on the furniture from the picture in your newsletter. Maybe a “zoom” function or 360degree view of a piece would give me more peace of mind and entice me into the store to visit. DONE! Check out the Zoom feature on our website!
  • Faster turnover. Faster reductions. More inventory. PRICES REDUCE MONTHLY AS OF JAN. 2018!
  • I would love to see a “wish list” added to the Millionaire website. A service where we say what we are looking for and an email to notify.
  • Better pictures and more detailed information, always need all dimensions: Height, Width, Depth. I’m never sure if the price is the original price or the current price. Would be nice to see all price levels and dates they go into effect. DONE!
  • I do not want to bother looking at the other locations, JUST Aurora, not always easy to find JUST Aurora. I would not drive as far as the other locations, even though they sometimes have things I might have bought in Aurora. IF YOU WANT TO SEARCH ONE STORE SELECT THAT LOCATION AND CLICK SUBMIT! WE ALSO TRANSFER SOLD ITEMS BETWEEN LOCATIONS.
  • Ability to purchase online with either pickup or shipping options. WE ARE WORKING ON THIS!
  • More than one picture/view of furniture in particular. It would be terrific if I could let you know what I am looking for and be notified should that item come up for sale.
  • Sometimes the photos are cluttered. I would like a clear shot that includes more detail of the item.
  • Would like an indication of material used in item (e.g. Is the dresser solid wood or veneer over particle board?) Also what type of wood. If it is a drape is it cotton or polyester. etc. The condition of an item is important to mention. WILL DO! 
  • More mid-century furnishings and accessories. Would like to see a little more modern furniture.
  • Let us know what you need us to consign from time to time. It would be good to hear about what items are being sought by customers. What inventory the stores are looking for and how to present them for sale. The best in how to get your items ready for sale. YES! WILL DO.


  • Great deals on on-trend items
  • How to style certain pieces sold in stores. How customers have used their pieces in their home after they purchased.
  • More of the same!
  • Decorating accessories, wall murals, pictures, mirrors, sconces, lighting “Love what you have created”
  • DIY projects, Decorating tips
  • Patio ideas, Seasonal decor
  • Weekend workshops how to revitalize, renew dated furnishings. Workshops i.e. taking n old piece and making it look ‘new’…
  • Success stories from The stores. How many homes of furniture are sold weekly.? Then also the success of donation to charities.
  • Contests to win gift certificates
  • Collectibles vs. antiques, Eras, 20,30,40,50,60 styling, mixing old with new
  • Tips on staging your home to sell
  • Smalls for possible gifts, Gift ideas
  • Using “loved” pieces to incorporate into new trends


  • Wow, you guys are awesome. We were asked over and over again to open up another store in your hometowns. As much as we would love to expand The Millionaire’s Daughter to more location, oh boy is it a lot of WORK! Some new location suggestions were; Toronto, Barrie, Brookin, and Ottawa “….any chance you will open a new store out our way… we desperately need a wonderful store like yours!”
  • Where else would you love to have The Millionaire’s Daughter to shop at? Leave us a comment!
  • Well, we can’t promise another store this year we’ve got our thinking caps on of how to bring The Millionaire’s Daughter to you. Thinking maybe another Pop Up Shop? Hmmm…


  • 37% of you have visited more than one location of The Millionaire’s Daughter
  • Over half of you find out about new arrivals from our weekly newsletter!
  • Lot’s of you said Instagram is your go to, pictures sell!

Our clients are the sweetest, here are just a few of the comments that warmed our hearts. 

  • “Store always looks great, good job of displaying items”
  • “I always enjoy the pics and tours of your other new stores as well. Good luck!”
  • “I was happy to have a number of my Christmas items sold. It would be helpful to know what is most needed in the Kitchener store that I may have to sell……..I am downsizing.”
  • “Wow….the store is loaded with so many things that I think I could spend a few days there and not see everything. Lovely set up though and many beautiful items for sale.”
  • “You are doing a great job! I think that it is true that some people’s cast-offs in another’s treasure”
  • “Like it very much. I have been told it is updated every day with new furniture coming it.”
  • “I am new to your store and am quite excited. It is a beautiful place to visit and I am sure you will continue to grow and excite us in the years ahead!” – New shopper at our Kitchener store
  • “I love shopping In Your store as well as I’ve used your consignment service. Excellent experiences with both. The staff is terrific and the turnover of furnishings amazing. I’ve introduced so many friends to your store.”

Can we just say THANK YOU, one more time! If you have any more suggestions on content you would like to see on the blog this year, please leave us a comment.

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