“Looking Like A Million Bucks”

Everything old can be new again at The Millionaire’s Daughter in Hamilton. They work on consignment, where they will sell your furniture for you. It’s also a great way to purchase good quality furniture for a great price.. Tim Bolen spent the morning at their Ottawa St. location here in Hamilton, which is just one of their four stores around Ontario.

Looking like a million bucks

What an absolute pleasure it was having Tim and the CHCH ‘Out and About’ team film at our Hamilton location today. Catch our four segments during Morning Live! Maureen showed Tim around our beautifully staged store on Ottawa Street, gave some great consignment advice and… hint… hint there may be a chance to win a gift certificate to our stores! But you’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out how! The host Tim, a.k.a Mr. Right (you’ll know why tomorrow) is hilarious, we had a blast, what a great start to Monday! AND only one week until Christmas!

Here are a few Behind the Scenes pictures we managed to snap!

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