This is very exciting for us and hopefully, you as well! Over the last few months, we’ve been working on creating professional gift cards that are re-loadable and can be used at any of The Millionaire’s Daughter store locations and never expires. Now they are available for purchase – yay! We hope you will enjoy the gift of unique finds. Surprise someone you love or reward hard work and a job well done! We will also have a GIFT CARD balance checker online on our website so you can keep track of what you’ve spent.

Sharing a look at the Aurora store from last week! I spent a good part of the last few days staging at this location. We change the vignettes daily at The Millionaire’s Daughter to benefit our consignors, showing their furniture off in the best possible way, as well as our customers! Change is good. Plus it’s a pretty good workout ?

This video ended up being kind of long! Let us know your favourite thing you saw?

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