The joys of working from home!

Hi everyone. The Millionaire’s Daughter’s stores have reopened and we are so excited to be back, reconnecting with consignors and customers, meeting new clients and creating beautiful new spaces for you.

While we and a multitude of other businesses were closed , we learned how to navigate our work worlds from home.  I am fortunate to have a dedicated desk and workspace as well as a beautiful view to encourage me to go outdoors for a walk after I have finished my tasks (or sometimes before and the tasks get forgotten!)

I am also fortunate to be back at work with an alternate “safe” view.

But as our world opens up, people are choosing or being asked to continue to work from home.  The dining or kitchen table works well but can be a chaotic place with homework, crafts and groceries sometimes taking over.  So we would like to suggest some awesome and unique workspaces, available at The Millionaire’s Daughter.  Why not personalize your space and make it a happy and productive area.  Whether you only need space for a tablet or laptop, or you need to branch out with papers and files we may have just the space for you.

We also have some stylish and funky chairs to add character and comfort!

All of these pieces are available at the Oakville store.  Visit our website, the, to see a selection of desks and chairs in our other locations.

Working from home can be AWESOME with a little inspiration from The Millionaires Daughter.

Thanks for reading,


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