2020 Letter from Maureen

Dear Customers, Consignors, and Friends of The Millionaire’s Daughter, 

I am sitting at my desk, it is the beginning of January, and Christmas has come and gone. The staff and myself have enjoyed a few days off from December 23 to 27. Christmas is for spending time with friends and family! 

I am thinking of 2019 and, like the rest of you, have strong hopes and anticipation for 2020. What will this new year and new decade bring for our lives and for the lives of the next generation? We are constantly reminded that our future, and that of our families, depends on us, how we live and work, how we take care of the earth, how we care for ourselves and each other. 

Well, I look with bright eyes upon the fact that The Millionaire’s Daughter has always tried to think of each other and how we can make a difference, not just for our customers, consignors and staff, but for the people that are living in our communities. One significant way we show this commitment is by donating to various charities, with furniture, gift baskets (over 70 this year) and financial donations. We support many agencies and offer our beautiful gift baskets to churches, hospitals, service groups and organizations in need of help. 

This year the business news is hopeful. From the “2020 Retail Industry Trend Predictions”: 

“Resale (re-commerce) business is going to be big in 2020! ” 

It goes on to say: 

“We now have a consumer that isn’t about packing the closet (house) full of stuff, but is trying to understand what is most meaningful to purchase, 
what is going to last a little bit longer.” 

So how is all of this relevant to The Millionaire’s Daughter in 2020 and beyond? 

We look forward to growing our business with continued proven practices and some new initiatives! 

● Our concern for the environment will continue to be evident in the way we package our items with the use of brown paper bags, boxes and wrap recycled from consignments. 
● We will continue to give personal one on one service to both our customers and consignors. 
● We will continue to show each and everyone why both selling your items through us, or buying from us, makes sense financially and environmentally! 
● We will be launching some fun new ideas in the store throughout the year. More information will follow later in January so stay tuned. Guaranteed you will love these new ideas! 
The $60,000 being spent on advertising in 2020, will encourage the growth and create the excitement that makes The Millionaire’s Daughter the place to shop or consign. We have been honoured with “The Best Consignment Store in the GTA” voted through The Toronto Star. Our Oakville store and our Aurora store have both won the “Best Small Business” award and our Hamilton store has, year after year, won The Diamond Award for both consignment and antique stores, with the Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice 
Let’s all be kinder to each other this year. I think we can all make this world a better place. 

As always, and never to be forgotten, we could not do any of this without our great staff. So thanks to all of you! 

Thank you, 
Happy 2020! Maureen 

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