Lisa’s Top 5 Rules of Design

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Lisa back to The Millionaire’s Daughter team! Her energy and charm brings light to all of our lives! Lisa’s love of vintage, runs deep. It inspires her everyday and has throughout her career in design and life. Lisa’s father was an antique dealer in Aurora. Her creativity can often be seen in action while she is staging beautiful vignettes and making customers feel at home at The Millionaire’s Daughter! As well as running her own business called Lisa Palmer Design.

Lisa and I are kindred thrifters. I absolutely love her style! Lisa’s minimal yet eclectic way decorating has inspired me so much over the last five years. Our regular customers love to stop by and shop and pick Lisa’s brain about all things interior design!

Here are Lisa’s Top 5 Rules of Design:

Rule Number 1.There are no rules.

image via pinterest

Rule Number 2. Matchy match is dead.

This cute corner of Lisa Palmer Design’s office is full of the best thrifted finds! The chair and rug were purchased from The Millionaire’s Daughter Aurora, that cute vintage chair was only $22!

Rule Number 3. Remove one item from every room. We both know you don’t need it, want it, or use it. Less is always more. Always.

Rule Number 4. Your paint colour sets the vibe – not your furniture.
The painter becomes the painted. LPD
Lisa purchased the dresser and lamp from The Millionaire’s Daughter Aurora store and recently painted her son’s bedroom red!

Rule Number 5. Find a small source of inspiration (like a beloved piece of art, your favourite chair, a vacation token or photo etc) and build out your room from that point. Your needs and comfort matter most to your space.

Lisa modern living room; chairs and painting from The Millionaire’s Daughter!

Bonus Design Tip #6
Put the cat out BEFORE painting your walls!

This is Lisa’s new rescue cat named Mowmow. Mowmow has his own instagram account follow his hilarious adventures documented by Lisa @mowmowdoesntcare

A big shout out and thank you to Lisa for these awesome tips!

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