Consignment⬌Connect: Intro and Trends forecast

Hi everyone!  My name is Margaret and I love my job as a design specialist/stager at the Oakville location of The Millionaire’s Daughter.  I am excited to have been asked to contribute an article, on a regular basis, to Jacky’s already fantastic social media posts and newsletter.  Each article will have a specific theme, all based around the “Consignment⬌Connect” concept, where I hope to showcase ideas and inspiration from the design world and “connect” them to items/vignettes in our stores, the real world experience.  The goal is to acquaint our current and new consignors and customers with the idea that consignment shopping and the ever changing design world can happily and successfully coexist and enhance each other!

As we enter a new year and a continuously faster paced decade, many of us would like to pursue more peace and happiness.  One way to accomplish this is to make a change in our homes. In the article, “Give Your Home the Happiness Factor”, from Grazia January 2020, design psychology coach and interior designer Rebecca West, author of a new book, Happy Starts at Home, states, “The home is key because it’s the seed of our identity, a place of our core values, where we connect with ourselves and family.”  William Morris in 1880 said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. Marie Kondo is everywhere!

But making changes can be a daunting process for most of us, physically, financially and emotionally.  So what is a comfortable ignition point for change/happiness inspiration? Taking some time to explore the Trends for 2020, I have discovered 3 top trends that anyone can incorporate,  whether in a small way or on a grand scale, depending on circumstances. And, not surprisingly to me, these trends can all be realized through shopping at The Millionaire’s Daughter consignment stores.

  1.  Sustainability/Natural materials

Keeping and enjoying that prized piece of furniture or your relative’s china ( so it does not languish in the landfill), choosing to sell/consign a sofa or dining set (and make some cash along the way), or purchasing that bedroom set for your new condo (at a fantastic price) are all smart sustainable choices. Buying pieces made from natural materials, especially sourced locally, is a wise design choice, adding warmth and energy, while helping to reduce the “plastic” surplus.

Wood Framed Tuxedo Sofa- Celery $918.90
  1.  Colour and Texture

For the last decade neutrals, especially grey, and clean stark lines, have been at the forefront of design. The all-neutral room, seen by some as calm and serene, was also often characterized by others as cold and austere.  So rejoice you colour and texture lovers! Colour is back in a big way. If you are adventurous, with a large budget, whole rooms can be given a colour/texture makeover with paint, furniture and accessories. But many of us, on a smaller budget, are looking for ways to explore this trend and update without breaking the bank.  The Millionaire’s Daughter is the place to shop for colourful and textured upholstered pieces, throw cushions, glassware, sculptures, vases and artwork. So don’t dispense with your grey sofa because it may no longer be on trend. Jazz up your furnishings and your happiness quotient with some amazing finds from The Millionaire’s Daughter!

Vintage Painted Vanity w/Mirror $280.78
Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Swan $37.20
  1.  Opposites attract!  Eclecticism

Previously, many of us (and I am guilty), bought whole rooms of furniture, with woods and styles all matching.  Recent design trends, and a big one this year, is to make spaces personal with confidence. Furniture styles and colours can be completely opposite but if you love what you have or what you have just discovered in one of our stores, and it makes you happy, then the stylists say “Go for it”!  Mixing colours or furniture styles is an adventure. But the great prices and selection at The Millionaire’s Daughter can make your dreams a reality!

These two vignettes show all 3 trends! Can you spot them?

So start small but think big, visit us instore or online ( and make your home your “Happy Place” for 2020 with some of these great ideas! 

We would love to see you!

~ Margaret

For more inspiration check out Country Living Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 – “Wild for Woven Textures”: Use Natural Materials to Bring Texture Into Your Home
Natural materials—from indoor wicker to year-round rattan—are proving as versatile in the ’burbs as at the beach. 1. Bamboo Fan $16 for 12; 2. Straw Wallpaper $265/roll; 3. Rattan Votive $8; 4. Wicker Lampshade vintage 5. Rattan Coasters $48 for 4; 6. Vintage Rattan Purse 7. Rattan Hooks $8 each; 8. Cane Webbing $19; 9. “Samoa” Wallpaper in Sand $200/roll; Read in Country Living:

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