My Finial Obsession

By Margaret

Hi everyone.  Happy August!

I have a confession to make.  I am a collector, or should I say enthusiast!

At my age, society and my kids tell me I should be getting rid of things, as many consignors relate to me at the store. And I have been good at purging many unwanted or no longer needed belongings.  But I do have an affinity for decorative items, especially architectural finials, and can’t resist the temptation whenever I come across them.  

For any readers not familiar, the definition of a finial is a small ornamental piece on the top of a furniture detail or a sculptured architectural ornament.  

I have been fortunate to find these treasures in my regular haunts as well as in unexpected places.  

I picked up a gorgeous turned wooden set at a pop up event The Millionaire’s Daughter was involved in a few years ago in Vaughan. 

The Habitat For Humanity Restores are always filled with treasures, but you have to be there on just the right day and at the right time to grab a deal like this large metal finial.  And I found this resin one (on the right in the photo) on the Say Goodbuy shelf at the Hamilton store.

I even love coloured finials made from different materials like these two.

These finials make me happy and I reminisce where I was and who I was with when I acquired them.  They also add individuality to my design scheme and are a great conversation topic at my house.

Just like me, we have many collectors coming to shop in our stores, looking for that next exciting piece to add to their collection. Although many collectibles such as plates, spoons and dolls are no longer accepted in our stores due to lack of current marketability, we still accept pieces for which there is a high demand.

Royal Doultons are still big with many people and it is fortunate that new collectors are being able to continue the tradition thanks to our consignors. Hummel figurines, made by Goebel, are also popular items.

Unique and colourful cups and saucers are having a resurgence, especially as the theme for bridal showers.

Crystal pieces and blown glass figures continue to be top sellers.

Dish sets, whether modern or traditional, are popular especially as we enter the fall and festive season.

And of course vintage pieces, with the mystique of that untold story, are fun finds.

So if you are a collector (or ahem! an ENTHUSIAST) like me, embrace your passion. Visit us online or at any one of our stores to see what surprises we have in store.  Remember small decor items can be transferred between stores.  And if, as at my house, you have the “one in one out” rule, you can just inquire about consigning with us.  It is a WIN, WIN for the environment as well!  Happy Hunting and feel free to send us pictures of your collections.

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